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Kainuu, Finland, Northern Europe, Europe

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"Set in the heart of Finland’s wild and remote taiga forests, discover the incredible animals and culture that can be found in this true nordic environment"

This trip will take you through towering pine forests, past crystal clear lakes - perfect for anyone who loves nature. Several hides are dotted around the area, meaning you will have ample opportunity to spot some of the stunning wildlife in its natural habitat. Residing in charming log cabins brings guests closer to nature whilst offering modern conveniences, enabling you to appreciate the beauty of the forest.

Whilst on this tour groups will be able to get involved in the conservation of this ancient forest and its vast amount of animals by building bird boxes for resident birds and kennels for the local huskies. Become more knowledgeable about living in the wild as you learn skills such as collecting berries, and how to track animals like bear, lynx, wolverines and reindeer. There will also be plenty of free time to spend relaxing in a traditional sauna! This trip not only provides some stunning photography opportunities but also allows you to understand why it is vital to preserve Finland's unique ecosystems as you see the huge range of incredible wildlife they sustain.

P.S. Find out how reindeer play an important part in tundra ecosystems by clicking here!

The main aim of this tour is to contribute to the conservation of the flora and fauna found within Finland’s taiga forests. This project is run alongside the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and works to protect many of the animals that have sadly become extinct elsewhere in Europe. Tracking bears and reindeer gives researchers a better understanding of their movement and helps to minimise the amount of human contact and conflict. This newfound knowledge can be used to demonstrate why the preservation of their habitat is so important both to the area and the overall species.

This tour gives travellers the chance to participate in many conservation initiatives, allowing you to become an expert on the surrounding wildlife whilst also helping to conserve it! Guests can make boxes for a variety of wildlife including birds and flying squirrels, helping to encourage them to remain in the area, and also adding to its biodiversity and survival. Gathering and chopping firewood to heat water, particularly for the sauna, reduces the demand for electricity on site. Combining this with the knowledge of how to find wild berries and herbs helps you to understand how nature is beneficial for both humans and wildlife. Educating the locals on how to live alongside carnivorous animals is essential in reducing the amount of human interference and to ensure the bears have a large, suitable habitat in which to roam.

Day 1
Start Your Adventure

Arrive at Kajaani or Kuopio International airport to meet your tour representative. You will be thrown straight into Finland’s wild side by transferring to the husky- base which can be found near Kumho.

Day 2
Husky Care

Today you will get to spend time with the huskies and carry out a range of activities from feeding and grooming to building kennels and cabins for the dogs.

Day 3
Husky Walks Through the Forest

Take the dogs to roam through the forest, whilst immersing yourself in the wild by picking berries, hunting for mushrooms and herbs and chopping firewood for cooking.

Day 4
Reindeer Tracking

Step back into the forest to learn how to track wild reindeer. During the calving season in spring and summer, you will be taken to a domesticated reindeer herd where you will be able to see calves of these well-loved creatures up close.

Day 5
Discover the Flora and Fauna of the Forest

Further explore the forest by making bird and flying squirrel boxes. Also, take part in the building of hides to provide future visitors with more places to watch wildlife. This experience will really make you feel at one with nature!

Day 6
Canoe and Track Down Beavers

Canoe down the shimmering river to spot beavers building their dams. These individuals are extremely important in helping to maintain the overall population of the species in Finland.

Day 7
Overnight Hide in the Woods

Learn more about the wildlife this area has to offer as you discover the carnivores of the forest, including how to effectively track and watch bears. Spend the night in the hide where you will have the chance to witness the activities of bears, lynx, wolverine and possibly wolves. This is perfect for wildlife photography, ensuring you will forever remember this remarkable wildlife encounter.

Day 8
Unwind With a Day of Relaxation

Spend the morning eating breakfast and recuperating in the Taiga Spirit B&B. Help out with the warming of the yurt so you can have a final soak in the sauna before you enjoy your last dinner with the group.

Day 9
Departure Day

Return back to Kajaani or Kuopio airport to catch your flight back home.

Rate Conditions

  • The rate shown is a 'from' price per person
  • Please note that there can be a minimum of two participants on this tour, and a maximum of four
  • This tour runs from May to August only
  • The minimum age for participation on this tour is 8
  • Click 'Ask a Question' to enquire about full tour dates, availability and costs
  • To secure a place on this project a 20% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due any time up to 60 days prior to your start date.


  • Airport transfers to and from Kajaani (transfers from Kuopio will incur an additional €100 charge)
  • Accommodation and activities as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals on a full board basis


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra activities not included in the itinerary - if in doubt, click 'Ask a Question' to chat directly to the operator!

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