Top Destinations and Travel Hacks for the Budget-Conscious Traveller

All you have ever wanted to do is see the world, right? But you’ve probably also been held back by the assumption that you simply cannot afford it. Well, worry not. We are here to tell you that you absolutely can afford it. In fact, there are some countries you can visit that are so affordable you may spend more on getting there than you will in the actual country!

There are also travel hacks you can employ to save money when you pack and move around once you get to your destination.

At Eco Companion, we are all about helping others discover the beauty of the natural world. So here is our list of top destinations for when you are on a budget.


Bridge Landmark in Vang Vieng, Laos

Our first pick for a top budget-friendly destination takes us to Southeast Asia. Laos is probably the most underrated and under-visited country in the region, and although Laos is actually somewhat expensive compared to its neighbours, for Westerners, Laos is still a cheap country to visit.

Street Food Laos

One of the best parts of Laos is the delicious, yet cheap street food. If you eat local food from markets and don’t drink too much, Laos is a great option for the budget-conscious traveller. And even more, Laos has some extraordinarily beautiful natural treasures, temples, and other amazing sights to see.

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Still in Southeast Asia, we move on to Vietnam, which is well-known for being one of the most affordable countries to visit in all of Asia. While Laos is lovely and inexpensive, Vietnam is a dream come true for travellers looking to get the most for their precious dollars or pounds. If you look for deals and are smart about it, you can get by for not a lot a day in Vietnam. Motorbikes are very cheap to rent, and buses are plentiful in the metro areas. Places like Phu Quoc, Da Lat, and other hot destinations, all have plenty of activities and quick and easy transportation.

And you simply can’t beat getting a steaming bowl of Pho and Vietnamese spring rolls for a couple of bucks!

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If you are looking for one of the cheapest places to travel in the world, look no further than Nepal. Tours, transportation, delicious food – Nepal simply can’t be beaten for inexpensive basics. And here is something for all you vegetarians and vegans out there: market vegetables are so cheap it is almost unbelievable. You can get a kilo of local fruit or vegetables for around 75 cents. Just be sure to hold the alcohol, because beer, wine, and liquor are heavily taxed in Nepal.

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Our final pick to keep your spending low on international travel takes us to Europe. You are probably thinking, “But Europe is expensive!” Well, Western Europe can be expensive. Hop on over to Eastern Europe and the story changes.

Romania is an excellent option to experience the charm and history of Eastern Europe without breaking your bank. The best part about Romania is its modern transport infrastructure. Even more, public travel around Romania is not expensive. If you are a drinker – welcome to heaven! You can get a beer in Romania for the price of a bottle of mineral water.

If visiting remote locations and really experiencing a unique, traditional way of life sounds appealing, check out our Rural Romania Experience.

Budget-Friendly Travel Hacks

Alright, now that we have talked about countries, let’s talk about travel hacks. Want to save money on your dream travels? Here are your tips:

  • Be Flexible. If there is one thing you must keep in mind when trying to save money travelling, it’s to be flexible. Whether it be saving on a flight that might be a bit of an inconvenience or booking your trip on a period when there will be far less demand, when you can be flexible with your travel arrangements, it becomes a lot easier to save money.
  • Drink Tap Water. Check Google first, but in many countries, even budget-friendly countries, the water is safe to drink. Be sure to pack your Eco-Companion Chilly’s bottle and keep refilling it!
  • Cook. Sure, one of the best things to do on vacation is eating out, but if you are looking to save some coin, stop by your local farmer’s market and learn some new recipes!

Whether it be through a visit to a budget-friendly country or learning how to hack your way to cheaper travel, wanderlust is not outside your reach.

At Eco Companion, we offer tailor-made, bespoke tours, so you just speak to an Eco-Expert, let them know what your budget and expectations are, and we can get started on sending you on your next adventure! And remember: all our trips are vegetarian and vegan-friendly 😃


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