Whales Ocean eco companion

The EC Difference

Since we launched in 2014, we’ve been driven by this mission:

to go the extra mile to find you the most authentic, immersive and fun adventure in nature, whilst empowering you to make a positive impact far beyond sustainability.


Each booking includes a donation to carefully selected environmental charities which is in turn invested in projects of reforestation and other incentives to offset our carbon footprint and help protect our planet.

Feel free to ask us more details on each specific donation or anything related, we are passionate about protecting our planet and love talking about it!


Not only do our trips always favour activities with minimal carbon footprint like hikes or bike rides, we also try and include ways to give back to the planet during the adventure – we love a beach clean, for example.


According to many reports, accommodations are the second biggest pollution factor when on holiday. In fact, they are responsible for almost 21% of the CO2 emissions related to the tourism industry (Source: UNWTO-UNEP report 2008, Climate Change and Tourism).

That’s we why always strive to find places to stay that have made real efforts to achieve eco-friendly standards.


Rest assured, we consider and work to improve every inch of your trip.

From flights, transfers and every bit of traveling along the way, it’s our mission to find the best possible way to reduce the carbon footprint of every traveller.

As you probably know, flights are a serious negative impact that has to be dealt with and there are many methods available.

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“People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure.” ― David Attenborough

EC's Mission in a bottle

With every booking, you will receive your very own ‘mission in a bottle’.

That bottle is not just a nice gift, it stands for all we are striving to achieve. It’s purpose is to help tackle single use plastic, and share a whole lot of advice on ways you can make a difference and keep it eco and sustainable throughout  your trip.

You’ve guessed it – much like us, that bottle is designed be be your eco companion.

So what can you expect?

We worked with the cool guys at Chilly’s to provide you with one of their awesome reusable bottles, and inside that bottle you will find a whole lot of tailored and important information on the destination of your trip, as well as tips and ways you can keep things eco and sustainable.

It’s one of the ways we use to educate on the many environmental challenges, and how as individuals we can help protect and preserve nature.