You don’t have to spend the earth, or travel to its farthest corners, to fulfil your craving for nature – there’s plenty of wonderful wildlife to discover just on your doorstep, right here in the U.K. Here’s my selection of some of Britain’s most iconic and well-loved species, as well as a couple of ‘wild-cards’ […]
Get hyped for 2019! Let’s make a deal…this will be our best year yet. All those travel plans you’ve been making and telling yourself you will get to one day. It’s now or never so let’s make this the year. Here is some inspiration to get you started. Costa Rica: Volcanoes, Nature and Beaches The […]
We put a lot of focus into the big cats, great apes and other poster children of many a conservation project. But, this is the tip of the iceberg and does a disservice to the breadth of wildlife you can encounter through Eco Companion. So my post this week focuses on some of the unsung […]
What is the best – and most eco way of exploring a country? Walking! Use your own two feet to beat the fumes and see the rural idylls and hidden gems that you won’t get to by car. You may think that’s not an option for every tourist destination…but we believe it is! Check out […]
Heady in its beauty, Mexico is one magnetising place. It is home to a plethora of bucket-list worthy experiences, from swimming in cenotes, being awed by Chichen Itza, and tasting the mouth-watering treats in Oaxaca. Of course, it is no longer a secret treasure in the travel world. Mexico is an adventurer’s favourite which has […]
Dense, luscious, and overflowing with life, jungles seem like places made of dreams and David Attenborough documentaries. Maybe that’s because they are truly some of the Earth’s last wildernesses and untouched places where nature can blossom and grow. Thanks to the growth of conservation efforts and the public love of nature, we are seeing areas […]
South Africa is one of the most culturally and geographically diverse destinations and it’s no surprise it has gained a worldwide reputation. It offers incredible experiences for a range of personalities, including nature & wildlife lovers, culture enthusiasts and adventurers. It is the southernmost country in Africa and exposed to almost 2800km of striking coastline, […]
Spring is arguably the most exquisite time of year. So, before you decide to jet off to far away lands, consider this: our own turf (a.k.a the UK) can actually be mesmerising as spring dusts the lands with the prettiest blooms and lush green fields come to life. Ditch air travel this spring and see […]
Have you spent the last year looking at mind-blowing photos on Instagram and wondering how these travel influencers have found places that look more like movie sets than real-life places? Well, it turns out that the world is full of places more beautiful than you could imagine and we’re here with a list of just […]