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"Gain the chance to wolves, moose and beaver in their natural Swedish habitat all based from a picturesque lakeside guesthouse!"

Wildlife of Central Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
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"One of the most unique places to stay on Eco Companion combined with the chance to see Moose, Beaver and Swedish natural landscapes!"

Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure

Skinnskatteberg, Sweden
Best price

Tracking Wolves and Moose in Winter

Stockholm, Sweden
Best price
"Experience the full spectrum of wildlife Sweden has to offer and hear the howling of wolves as your night time serenade"

Wolves, Bears, Moose and Beavers: A Forest Conservation Tour

Stockholm, Sweden
Best price
"Seeing the best that Winter has to offer - snow, ice, reindeer and most of all the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights"

Lapland: Northern Lights and Moose

Muddus National Park, Sweden
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"Explore the Scandinavian wilderness on foot on this week-long walking adventure."

Walking Safari in Fulufjellet National Park

Fulufjellet National Park, Sweden
Best price Only pay 25
"Northern lights, dog-sledding, reindeer. three of the most exciting things to experience in winter and all included on this Swedish adventure!"

Aurora Borealis, Reindeer, and Dog-Sledding in Wild Lapland

Kiruna, Sweden
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