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We look at 10 of the World’s most endangered species and how your next holiday can help their survival. Sadly the world is full of endangered species but, these days, people are willing to pay good money to see animals in their natural habitats and anyone who’s seen a breaching humpback whale or elephant on […]
As the New Year rolls in, I’m sure we all have the best intentions: get fit, eat more healthy food, travel more, drink less…the list goes ever on. Yet by mid-January most of us have fallen back into the same old habits. A few years ago I promised myself I would go running every morning. […]
South Africa conservation is the focus of my Eco Insights piece this week I look at the somewhat turbulent relationship between great conservation projects and major poaching issues. South Africa conservation is a tricky subject. What other country can you think of that is home to some of the most diverse savanna wildlife, has the […]
It’s world Elephant day and we’re celebrating those big butts in all their glory! It’s world elephant day and I like big butts and I cannot lie! When I see those big elephant butts waddling across the savannah with their big ears flapping away it really does make my heart sing (and Sir Mix A […]