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There is a freshness that comes about in autumn, and along with it, the growing need for adventure. With the summer months at an end and a set routine in full force, it is no wonder we have this growing urgency to pack our bags and go on an adventure. Luckily, autumn is one of […]
Swim crystal clear underground pools, explore palm fringed beaches, steamy jungle, and vast sandy expanses of desert. Welcome to Mexico. Mexico has something to offer everyone. Architecture from the colonial era and monuments from the pre-Columbian era…art and museums…some of the best food in the world…and a diverse population full of colourful characters. There is […]
Hiking, tramping, trekking, bushwhacking, or just rambling…walking is the oldest method of transport. Going somewhere on foot forces us to slow down, take some time with our thoughts, and see our surroundings properly. On top of that, it is one of the ultimate eco-friendly ways to get from place-to-place. Nomads of Khangai Where better to […]
This week I’m taking you on an adventure in the Yucatan Peninsula, one of Mexico’s and Central America’s most famous regions. The Yucatan Peninsula, adjoining Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, is a culturally rich region that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico. This tropical paradise is an Eco Travel mecca, home to the […]