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Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like sloths? No, you haven’t. And if you have, they aren’t your friend. Sloths may be slow, look strange, and have unexpected fur, but there is nothing sinful about loving these peaceful creatures. Yet, sloths need more than your love and affection. These always-smiling loveable creatures are susceptible […]
Eco tourism’s favourite country. A land of diverse landscapes, verdant jungle, sparkling oceans, turquoise waterfalls, and misty volcanoes. If you want to know where to go for unmatched wildlife, farm-to-table restaurants, world-class surfing, and eco-luxury, Costa Rica has it is all.   Well established as the leader in eco tourism, the country has developed ingenious […]
One of Costa Rica’s most wild and remote corners, the Osa Peninsula is a mix of beaches, rainforest, lowland rainforest, and mountains. The area covers much of the southern Pacific coastline of the country and is speckled with secretive beaches. Here, you can explore the rainforest home of Costa Rica’s largest remaining population of jaguars. […]
Some people like to head off for a week or two of pure relaxation with nothing to do but lounge in a deckchair. We must admit that’s pretty tempting. However, some people switch-off better from working life by switching on. With these projects you can dive right in to some incredible volunteer and conservation experiences. […]
We work hard to inspire people to take make choices which aid and protect the natural world. Volunteer project are a really special way for people to do this and we believe they should be available to everyone so we love it when we can offer affordable projects. All of these come in at under […]
Summer is here! It’s June at last! Those pale green sprouts on the trees have transformed into deep green leaves and we are starting to shed our outer layers. Prime time for holiday booking has actually passed. That desperate need for a bit of sun to hope for peaked in the dull grey months. But […]