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Imagine snuggling up in an igloo, curling up in front of the fire after an epic hike, or an intimate dinner high above the rainforest in your own private pod. That’s right, going eco doesn’t mean you lose out on any romance. In fact, some of our sustainable cottages and lodges in enchanting spots are […]
Have you spent the last year looking at mind-blowing photos on Instagram and wondering how these travel influencers have found places that look more like movie sets than real-life places? Well, it turns out that the world is full of places more beautiful than you could imagine and we’re here with a list of just […]
Time to get those woolies on and heat up the hot chocolate! In the words of someone you may be familiar with: winter is coming. For some, winter is a time just to turn up the heating and stay inside, but that’s not our outlook here! Respect the seasons and find something beautiful in all […]
We have had an incredible year, from fairytale snow storms to intense heat. But finally it is drawing to an end. The days are getting shorter and summer clothes are being replaced by knitwear. We have an awful habit in the UK of hiding ourselves away in winter. Even nature lovers spend almost no time […]
I’m putting some ecotourism myths to bed this week. It’s a big wide world out there and not all experiences involve, dirt, bugs and canvas! There’s some crazy ecotourism myths out there, so after a good week away in the wilds of Sweden on our Kolarbyn Wilderness Adventure, I’ve been reminded of a, sometimes tough, […]
A winter ecotour is not always what comes to mind when you think about eco-holidays, especially as sustainable holidays seem to be synonymous with beaches and jungles. So hot on the heals of Max’s big Swedish adventure I pick three of the best winter treats for you to explore. These sustainable winter holidays offer access to […]
It’s out of control. It’s going downhill fast. And it’s going to end badly. No, I’m not talking about me on a pair of skis, I’m talking about the future of the mass ski industry. Over several decades, ski resorts have developed ceaselessly, and at an alarming rate. Mass ski resorts have an enormous impact […]
It’s one of those inevitable dinner party conversations, isn’t it? Once we’re done with the Fantasy Dinner Guest question, we turn to the Bucket List. What’s on your Bucket list for travel in 2016? Will the New Year take you to new places? There are so many destinations to choose from. Do you need some […]