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Last week we took a look at some of the gloriously luxurious tours and lodges that the eco-tourism has to offer. Luxury eco-tourism is a fabulous area and we have to admit we do spend out time drooling over luxury tree-houses in the Peruvian Jungle and Private Villas hidden away in the Maldives… BUT At […]
[This post has been contributed by our fabulous new Eco Journalist Arran Moran. You can check out his adventures on his Youtube channel linked at the bottom of the post] Making the decision to volunteer and travel for the first time is extremely exciting but nevertheless a very overwhelming choice as we all know. So […]
South Africa is one of the most culturally and geographically diverse destinations and it’s no surprise it has gained a worldwide reputation. It offers incredible experiences for a range of personalities, including nature & wildlife lovers, culture enthusiasts and adventurers. It is the southernmost country in Africa and exposed to almost 2800km of striking coastline, […]
Over the past couple of years a number of people close to me have been drawn to South Africa. Each time one returns they seem to have left their heart behind. “I can’t say enough good things about Cape Town…I want to move there for like 6 months at some point.” My sister tells me. […]
A vast and stunning continent, Africa remains an enigma to many of us. With so much to offer it is difficult to know where to start travelling. The continent boasts what may be the largest combination of density and “range of freedom” of wild animal populations, with large carnivores and herbivores roaming wildly both on […]
Elephant Shrew The elephant shrew is a charming little creature found all over Africa and named as such for its long nose. Despite the name they are not shrews, or even rodents at all! Though they cannot be found in any great numbers in any single place, they survive across a wide range of environments […]
Some people like to head off for a week or two of pure relaxation with nothing to do but lounge in a deckchair. We must admit that’s pretty tempting. However, some people switch-off better from working life by switching on. With these projects you can dive right in to some incredible volunteer and conservation experiences. […]
We work hard to inspire people to take make choices which aid and protect the natural world. Volunteer project are a really special way for people to do this and we believe they should be available to everyone so we love it when we can offer affordable projects. All of these come in at under […]
You’ve made it! One week into the new year. How many resolutions have you kept? How many of you have promised yourselves to make a change and travel this year? We at Eco Companion always have that goal in mind. So here are our top 5 destinations for the new year… 1. Costa Rica How […]