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Have you ever thought about travelling sustainably and staying in lodges, only to then think “Oh wait, eco tourism sounds like camping and I’m too old for that”? How about “I just want a romantic holiday, and eco tourism sounds like a lot of work”? Sound familiar? Sometimes, when I talk to people about travelling together […]
Dense, luscious, and overflowing with life, jungles seem like places made of dreams and David Attenborough documentaries. Maybe that’s because they are truly some of the Earth’s last wildernesses and untouched places where nature can blossom and grow. Thanks to the growth of conservation efforts and the public love of nature, we are seeing areas […]
Lights are popping up through town, and here and there, long lines of children, humming with excitement, are queuing up to visit Santa’s Grotto. But what about the real-world grottos? These hidden away places offer examples of the world’s most incredible natural architecture. They are underground palaces that any mythical creature would be excited to […]
The rain can sometimes feel like an endless patter of cold drizzle and windows dripping with condensation. The beautiful English countryside becomes swathes of mud and summer beaches become windswept scenes of grey desolation. The early darkness is lit with the sparkle of Christmas lights and the promise of getting home to mugs of tea […]
With over 5,000 years of history weaving together a remarkable tapestry of nature and people, Peru has increasingly become a must-see destination for travelers from all over the world. Yet, just because something is popular does not make it worth the price of admission. While Machu Picchu beckons with its complex story of Incan pride […]
What could be more romantic than escaping the city with the one you love and getting out into nature? Switch off from the hassles of the working week and rekindle the romance in one of our stunning eco lodges. As you remember how it feels to be connected to the natural world, you will become […]
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” This Oscar Wilde quote has always been a favourite of mine. Stars have played an incredible role in human history, from navigation to tales of the Gods, to supposed fortune telling. On those rare nights when we can escape the […]
They were our escape, the secret place that adults couldn’t reach, and the birthplace of endless adventures. Tree houses still have an air of magic about them for many adults. Up in the trees, observing the quiet forest floor below, you can feel completely immersed in the natural world. Fortunately for us, tree houses are […]
Our best ecotourism tips for families in one handy article! We’ve been keen to write our top ecotourism tips for families for a while, especially as there’s a big perception that eco travel will just be too much hassle. After all our kids are the next generation of travellers, which means they will shape the […]
David Attenborough is an eco-friendly travel legend. A naturalist and broadcaster, he is best known for his Life Series, which he both wrote and preformed in conjunction with BBC Natural History Unit. The nine part series takes viewers around the world to explore the beauty and magic of nature. Without a doubt, David Attenborough’s life’s […]