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Over the past couple of years a number of people close to me have been drawn to South Africa. Each time one returns they seem to have left their heart behind. “I can’t say enough good things about Cape Town…I want to move there for like 6 months at some point.” My sister tells me. […]
The rain can sometimes feel like an endless patter of cold drizzle and windows dripping with condensation. The beautiful English countryside becomes swathes of mud and summer beaches become windswept scenes of grey desolation. The early darkness is lit with the sparkle of Christmas lights and the promise of getting home to mugs of tea […]
With the Caribbean sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Isthmus of central America is small, but dense with beauty and biodiversity. The Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot extends from northern Guatemala through to central Panama and boasts an incredible 7% of the World’s biodiversity. The narrow piece of land acts as […]