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If your idea of a luxury lodge living is being blissfully at one with nature whilst enjoying the wonderful benefits of sustainable surroundings and eco-friendly practices, all whilst contributing to the development of welcoming local communities, we’re right there with you. Experiencing the call of the wild, sleeping under the stars, and taking part in […]
I’m putting some ecotourism myths to bed this week. It’s a big wide world out there and not all experiences involve, dirt, bugs and canvas! There’s some crazy ecotourism myths out there, so after a good week away in the wilds of Sweden on our Kolarbyn Wilderness Adventure, I’ve been reminded of a, sometimes tough, […]
Luxury sustainable holiday. Not always three words you find in the same sentence. This week I’m showing you some amazing luxury places to visit who all score high on sustainability and eco-friendliness. The luxury sustainable holiday is sometimes a contradiction for many travellers. When you think of luxury holidays I’m sure sustainability isn’t what immediately […]