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Imagine snuggling up in an igloo, curling up in front of the fire after an epic hike, or an intimate dinner high above the rainforest in your own private pod. That’s right, going eco doesn’t mean you lose out on any romance. In fact, some of our sustainable cottages and lodges in enchanting spots are […]
Have you ever thought about travelling sustainably and staying in lodges, only to then think “Oh wait, eco tourism sounds like camping and I’m too old for that”? How about “I just want a romantic holiday, and eco tourism sounds like a lot of work”? Sound familiar? Sometimes, when I talk to people about travelling together […]
There are so many amazing, natural wonders scattered throughout this planet. Each country has something unique you can visit, whether it’s the beautiful landscapes of Iceland,  incredible animals on an African Safari, or big adventures in India. Exploring and learning more about those environments can increase people’s awareness about the natural world and present value […]
Thousands of tourists flock to the beautiful countries of South America every year in search of some of the best wineries in the world, delicious food and great nightlife complete with Latin American flair. While this gorgeous continent hosts all the above, one of its main draws is the breathtaking natural landscapes that dot each […]
Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like sloths? No, you haven’t. And if you have, they aren’t your friend. Sloths may be slow, look strange, and have unexpected fur, but there is nothing sinful about loving these peaceful creatures. Yet, sloths need more than your love and affection. These always-smiling loveable creatures are susceptible […]
The greatest gift you can give to a child is to inspire them and open their eyes to how varied and incredible this world truly is…and how better to do so than by travelling?! These lodges and sure to inspire as well as feel like a home-from-home. This is going to be a family holiday […]
Pale, anemic sun, peeking wearily through thick grey cloud. Having to pull on thick, heavy layers each time you leave the house and shake the water from your hair as you get in. Yep, welcome to winter. Last week, we brought you a selection of glorious winter getaways full of sparkling snow….buuuuuuut we do get […]
Eco Travel stallwarts, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia are some of the most spectacular places to visit. So this week I’m picking my highlights, sharing some tips and showing you what you can experience with Eco Companion. This week I’m picking my Eco travel favourites from the Southern Hemisphere. When you think of Eco […]