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The New Year is here! If you’re feeling a little hungover, or just want to get those New Year’s revolutions going, check out last week’s blog on the scientifically proven health benefits of traveling! Not only that, but volunteering has some very similar benefits, so imagine what you can do by combing the two! Do […]
How are you doing? We thought we better check. Hungover? Bloated? Socialised-out? It’s all been worth it. The season of celebration is fantastic but it can leave you needing a holiday from the holidays, and now is the time to start planning. January and February can be dreery, which is why staying inspired and motivated […]
Have you heard about the wonderfully, aptly named Greenspiration?  A group of interested parties just like you and I, sustainable travellers, wildlife conservationists and environmentalists, came together to create the event. The concept was to inspire the next generation of young minds to continue the good work, and to take up projects to continue to […]
Christmas is finally here, and you get to open all those lovely gifts at last. Will you be happy with everything you give and receive, or not? Instead, as you roll the wrapping paper into a wad and prepare to return half of your gifts in the New Year, imagine a better Christmas. Thinking of, […]