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All of our elephant tours and projects put conservation front and centre, as we believe that all eco travel should. Globally, the elephant is listed as vulnerable at best and it’s in no small part thanks to the efforts of dedicated elephant lovers that the species is holding it’s own in some places. Sadly, elephants […]
Elephants are beautiful and highly intelligent creatures. They have close family ties, show empathy, and are one of the few creatures which demonstrate self-awareness. Yet the tragedy is that all too often they are kept in so-called “sanctuaries” in poor conditions and suffer terrible treatment including beatings and stabbings with bullhooks. Even in the wild, […]
When considering what article to write next for our blog I thought over a lot of very serious topical issues. I then got distracted by cute baby animal pictures. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I did writing it. The top 8 cutest babies of the African continent… 1. Elephant calf Found across the majority […]
The time when many tourists overlooked Sri Lanka is passing rapidly, and that’s no surprise. This diverse and exotic country, otherwise known as ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’, offers literally everything an eco-traveller can dream of. No matter how much or how little time you have, the relatively small size of the island makes it […]
January and February can be dreery, which is why staying inspired and motivated is so important for your health all round. Planning travels is one of the best things for this. Travel is good for mind, body, and soul…science says so! Click here to read more! If you’re feeling a little hungover, or just want […]
This week we showcase the cutest Asian animal babies. The third in our cutest animal babies series and we’ve added one for luck! We couldn’t not do the cutest Asian animal babies after the popularity of our 8 cutest African babies and South American babies,!? There’s at least one continent left! Amur leopard cub One […]
Imagine: the quiet of nature, the sound of bird calls, a rustle…then from the trees, silent for such a vast creature, an elephant emerges. Another follows, and another. You sit in breathless awe as the herd passes you by and eventually disappears into the foliage again. Seeing creatures in their natural habitat is one of […]
As the New Year rolls in, I’m sure we all have the best intentions: get fit, eat more healthy food, travel more, drink less…the list goes ever on. Yet by mid-January most of us have fallen back into the same old habits. A few years ago I promised myself I would go running every morning. […]
✔ Wanna work with wild animals in the African wilderness? Yeahhh we can probably hook you up. ✔ Hate flying, can’t take too much time off work but want to make a difference? NUMBER 14 IS FOR YOU. ✔ How about teaching English in Costa Rica? Not to give any hints, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find that […]
Over the last 100 years or so, populations of Asian elephants have plummeted. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this dramatic decrease, including human-elephant conflict and habitat loss. In many parts of Asia, elephants are losing their forest homes as small-scale agriculture and larger agribusinesses (like the palm oil industry) sweep […]