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Imagine snuggling up in an igloo, curling up in front of the fire after an epic hike, or an intimate dinner high above the rainforest in your own private pod. That’s right, going eco doesn’t mean you lose out on any romance. In fact, some of our sustainable cottages and lodges in enchanting spots are […]
The greatest gift you can give to a child is to inspire them and open their eyes to how varied and incredible this world truly is…and how better to do so than by travelling?! These lodges and sure to inspire as well as feel like a home-from-home. This is going to be a family holiday […]
Picture this: a warm summer night, a light breeze cooling your skin as you watch the silhouettes of feathery clouds skid pass the moon. All around are the muted sounds of nocturnal creatures and just down the path is a crackling campfire. Maybe you follow that sound to join a group of figures, laughing and […]
Spring is arguably the most exquisite time of year. So, before you decide to jet off to far away lands, consider this: our own turf (a.k.a the UK) can actually be mesmerising as spring dusts the lands with the prettiest blooms and lush green fields come to life. Ditch air travel this spring and see […]
Already looking at Easter escapes for when the new year drags into grey gloom? Or need something to look forward to get you through until the summer? The New Year always brings with it a scramble for wellness escapes. Our bodies overindulged, our minds still tired from the stress of planning and the onslaught (as […]
Such a stunning summer was always destined to end and the recent rain might just signify this closing of the season. However, it’s not time to sink into an autumnal slump just yet. More often than not, September offers more beautiful golden days than the rest of summer. Autumn has always been a special season […]
I’m staying at my parent’s house. A couple of days ago I awoke to find us shrouded in snow. As I padded along the hallway I heard a call from their room: “Are you making coffee?” I go in to find them both very determinedly huddled under blankets, still in bed. My Dad has his […]
  [custom_heading center=”true”]An Eco-Glamping Experience near Bath[/custom_heading] Travel deep into the English countryside for the ultimate eco-glamping experience at The Farm Camp. This is a place that totally reinvents the traditional camping experience; there’s no need to ‘rough it’ in a mouldy old tent, This is eco-glamping! The Farm Camp has luxurious bell tents kitted […]
In our fast-paced modern world it is getting harder and harder to escape and relax – to actually turn off your phone, disconnect your Wi-Fi, and just enjoy a place….without Snapchatting the whole experience! Here are 6 eco-havens that will make you forget the rest of the world exists. It is time to kick back, […]