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Thousands of tourists flock to the beautiful countries of South America every year in search of some of the best wineries in the world, delicious food and great nightlife complete with Latin American flair. While this gorgeous continent hosts all the above, one of its main draws is the breathtaking natural landscapes that dot each […]
Too many people think an eco-holiday has to be squatting in mud, putting up with “rustic” (read falling apart!) accommodation, and getting your hands dirty looking after animals. Don’t get us wrong; we love a bit of hands-on work, but the beauty of the eco-tourism industry is that you can make a real difference in […]
This is it.¬†These are the trips you’ve been dreaming of, making wishful plans, and wondering about. These are the trips on everyone’s bucket list but that so few people ever actually take. Remember this: you get one chance at life. Grab the opportunity when it comes around! From a couple of weeks to an entire […]