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Knowing when to book a trip is just as important as knowing when to take it. Certain destinations require booking in advance to ensure you have your choice of accommodations, and some of nature’s greatest natural phenomena are seasonal – so if you don’t want to miss out you better start planning now!   With […]
Confused about which country to dive next? Unsure of dive seasons and when best to visit? Fear not – we’ve done the research for you! Enjoy our top 5 dive destinations with where to go, when to go, what to see and how Eco Companion can help you get there with handpicked and affordable projects. […]
1. Manta Ray The manta ray might not be the most beautiful of creatures, but what it lacks in cuteness it makes up for in grace. In Spanish, manta means blanket, and when you look at these animals it isn’t hard to see why it got this name. Manta rays can grow up to 7 […]
Summer is here! It’s June at last! Those pale green sprouts on the trees have transformed into deep green leaves and we are starting to shed our outer layers. Prime time for holiday booking has actually passed. That desperate need for a bit of sun to hope for peaked in the dull grey months. But […]
Consisting of over 17,000 islands and home to more than 300 languages, the world’s fourth most populous country hardly feels like a single country at all. Each part of Indonesia hosts its own unique  fusion of culture, traditions and people. The landscape and wildlife is dramatic and diverse as the people living on it, from […]
As the New Year rolls in, I’m sure we all have the best intentions: get fit, eat more healthy food, travel more, drink less…the list goes ever on. Yet by mid-January most of us have fallen back into the same old habits. A few years ago I promised myself I would go running every morning. […]
With summer (hesitantly) approaching, we all have our minds wandering to sunny beaches and warm azure blue seas – there’s no need to deny it! So, this week I’m telling you about an underwater paradise: the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, one of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots. Situated at the northwest corner of Indonesia’s […]
✔ Wanna work with wild animals in the African wilderness? Yeahhh we can probably hook you up. ✔ Hate flying, can’t take too much time off work but want to make a difference? NUMBER 14 IS FOR YOU. ✔ How about teaching English in Costa Rica? Not to give any hints, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find that […]
Just off the coast of Indonesia’s Western Papua, lies a sprawling and mysterious archipelago known as Raja Ampat – or The Four Kings. Raja Ampat truly is one of the final frontiers of diving exploration. This week’s Editor’s Pick, the Raja Ampat Diving Project, is the perfect chance for any intrepid travellers to get a taste […]