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Last week we posted a blog post by the wonderful Sarah, about heading out to South Africa and working with some fantastic training projects. See the video and read the post here. Sometimes giving up the hours spent each day working on your computer, and the early morning commute in rush hour, to travel the world […]
What if you could turn your whole life around..? Why would you wait? Waking up these days, the sun may already be peering out from between the clouds and the birds chirruping. It certainly offers me some hope. Spring is on the way; we are almost in March! That said, for me, most days are […]
This is it. These are the trips you’ve been dreaming of, making wishful plans, and wondering about. These are the trips on everyone’s bucket list but that so few people ever actually take. Remember this: you get one chance at life. Grab the opportunity when it comes around! From a couple of weeks to an entire […]
Summer is here! It’s June at last! Those pale green sprouts on the trees have transformed into deep green leaves and we are starting to shed our outer layers. Prime time for holiday booking has actually passed. That desperate need for a bit of sun to hope for peaked in the dull grey months. But […]
It’s world Elephant day and we’re celebrating those big butts in all their glory! It’s world elephant day and I like big butts and I cannot lie! When I see those big elephant butts waddling across the savannah with their big ears flapping away it really does make my heart sing (and Sir Mix A […]
This week I’m looking at the desperate work being undertaken to save the Northern White Rhino from extinction. I must admit I was well aware of the issues facing Rhinos in general through the various Eco Projects we promote and the shameful poaching that has decimated the species but I didn’t know much about the […]