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If your idea of a luxury lodge living is being blissfully at one with nature whilst enjoying the wonderful benefits of sustainable surroundings and eco-friendly practices, all whilst contributing to the development of welcoming local communities, we’re right there with you. Experiencing the call of the wild, sleeping under the stars, and taking part in […]
Picture this: you’ve arrived in the African Bush. Your walking boots are on, and you’re ready to explore the wilderness. But when it comes to your more immediate surroundings, what will you be doing? Bedding down under private, open-plan canvas? Cosying up to the roaring fire after an evening of secluded stargazing? Or taking tea […]
Is there a more ‘christmassy’ animal than the robin? Arguably reindeer, perhaps a partridge or maybe a turtle dove – but the robin undeniably steals the show. The cover stars of copious Christmas cards, especially in the UK, no mantelpiece is complete without these jolly birds sat resplendently in red. A beloved bird throughout the year, […]
As we’ve just seen the completion of the London marathon I thought I’d take the opportunity to speak about some of the selfless initiatives that take place to save rhinos. Poached for their horns, wrongly thought to have medicinal virtues, rhino populations around the world have been plummeting. Now more than ever is the time to […]