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Have you ever thought about travelling sustainably and staying in lodges, only to then think “Oh wait, eco tourism sounds like camping and I’m too old for that”? How about “I just want a romantic holiday, and eco tourism sounds like a lot of work”? Sound familiar? Sometimes, when I talk to people about travelling together […]
News is thankfully not all politics and crazed wannabe Presidents at the moment. A good news story has emerged thanks to the group, Animal Defenders International. Calling the story “The largest airlift of lions in history” it documents the rescue of 33 former circus animals and their subsequent journey from South America to freedom and […]
Having long-held dreams of where you want to someday explore, far away places and distant shores, is always a good thing. But, as the saying goes, “If You Don’t Go, You’ll Never know”. The best time to realise your travel dreams is right now, but first you might find yourself in search of a little […]