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The New Year is here! If you’re feeling a little hungover, or just want to get those New Year’s revolutions going, check out last week’s blog on the scientifically proven health benefits of traveling! Not only that, but volunteering has some very similar benefits, so imagine what you can do by combing the two! Do […]
Voluntourism is a booming business. We all know someone who combined his or her trip to Asia or Africa with volunteer work. If done well it can be a wonderful and mutually beneficial experience for travellers and host organisations. Unfortunately however, this trend has resulted in a myriad of organisations that offer various facilities, projects, […]
Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. But, while Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas Towers are pretty amazing, one of the biggest attractions to this country is the wildlife, especially in Malaysian Borneo. Borneo is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. With world class dive spots, island turtle sanctuaries, and plenty of lush jungle, you […]
We work hard to inspire people to take make choices which aid and protect the natural world. Volunteer project are a really special way for people to do this and we believe they should be available to everyone so we love it when we can offer affordable projects. All of these come in at under […]
Who of us has not dreamed of taking a break from work, travelling, and changing the World? For many it will always remain just this: a dream. The cost, the thought of organising such a trip, and the simple fear of the unknown, will forever deter them. But even for inexperienced travelers, the trip need […]
If you love nothing more than to venture out into the great unknown, and capture wonderful images of the wildlife that graces our planet, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve handpicked our favourite wildlife hotspots where you can photograph some of the world’s most amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Here are 12 […]
I’m taking you on a tour to 12 of the best places to photograph wildlife this week. It was pretty hard but I’ve picked my best places to photograph wildlife from around the world. If you love nothing more than to venture out into the great unknown, and capture wonderful images of the wildlife that […]
Baby turtles – otherwise known as ‘hatchlings’ – have perhaps the most stressful beginning to existence of any animal or mammal which contributes to their upsettingly high mortality rate (only one in every thousand hatchlings will make it to adulthood). Their journey begins as an egg, laid by their mother (obviously). Their mother will likely […]
I have a simple challenge for you. Next time you’re out for a meal at a restaurant, or for drinks with friends, and you order your beverage of choice – ask your waiter/waitress for ‘no straw, please!’ No straw? But it’s such a small, insignificant thing – why shouldn’t I have one? Well, if you’re […]