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Winter is coming – let’s find you a way out of this one! Those lovely hot summer days are behind us, and soon enough we’ll all be back to slapping on layers upon layers of clothing and having early nights in, as opposed to sun lotion and migrating between beer gardens. On the bright side, […]
What is the best – and most eco way of exploring a country? Walking! Use your own two feet to beat the fumes and see the rural idylls and hidden gems that you won’t get to by car. You may think that’s not an option for every tourist destination…but we believe it is! Check out […]
Growing up, we are naturally curious about nature and how it works. Throughout childhood many of us have admired the amazing wildlife that is presented to us on TV. Stripping back to the basics and immersing ourselves in nature is not only beneficial mentally but also physically – doing this David Attenborough style is ramping […]
  [custom_heading center=”true”]Rajasthan: the Essence of India[/custom_heading] In this weeks editors pick I look at a cultural tour of Rajasthan, a true jewel of India. A Culture tour of Rajasthan is on most peoples bucket list, and for good reason. Rajasthan, India’s largest state, is home to some truly top-drawer cultural attractions. From colourful cities and […]
Royal Chitwan National Park Once the hunting grounds of the Nepali nobles the Royal Chitwan National Park is now a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the best national parks for wildlife viewing in Asia. The park is blessed with rich natural beauty in the form of a plethora of flora and fauna and […]