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Elephant Shrew The elephant shrew is a charming little creature found all over Africa and named as such for its long nose. Despite the name they are not shrews, or even rodents at all! Though they cannot be found in any great numbers in any single place, they survive across a wide range of environments […]
In our fast-moving, rapidly developing world, we feel as though we are moving further and further from nature. In the middle of a city we see almost no natural shapes. Did you know that the human brain is attuned to fractals!? Fractals or near fractals are shapes found in nature. Cities and urbanised areas are […]
If you are ready to escape the daily grind, switch off, and get back in touch with nature then we have the ideal places for you. Relax on your private veranda and admire the sparkling ocean in Tanzania, go rock climbing, soak in a spa, or learn to track animals through the South African bush. […]