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The trend of outdoor adventure through experiential travel is becoming ever more popular. But when thinking of an active holiday in nature people often think of mountains, diving spots and safaris. But what about lakes? Lakes offer an almost immediate sense of tranquillity, mixed with the excitement that comes with knowing that you can do […]
Before you get to a new place, you hear all sorts of stories from fellow-travellers offering up their tips and tricks and best travel practices for going it alone, oftentimes receiving messages of warning. Don’t walk alone at night. Never carry your passport and large amounts of money with you. Stay in a group of […]
The New Year is here! If you’re feeling a little hungover, or just want to get those New Year’s revolutions going, check out last week’s blog on the scientifically proven health benefits of traveling! Not only that, but volunteering has some very similar benefits, so imagine what you can do by combing the two! Do […]
As the New Year rolls in, I’m sure we all have the best intentions: get fit, eat more healthy food, travel more, drink less…the list goes ever on. Yet by mid-January most of us have fallen back into the same old habits. A few years ago I promised myself I would go running every morning. […]
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” said Nelson Mandela. It is indeed, and it starts with local knowledge.. The famous African proverb rang especially true last week when the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) made the most of World Environment Day (June 5). Dr Joseph Onoja, director of […]