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What is the best – and most eco way of exploring a country? Walking! Use your own two feet to beat the fumes and see the rural idylls and hidden gems that you won’t get to by car. You may think that’s not an option for every tourist destination…but we believe it is! Check out […]
Imagine this scene: You’ve flown across the ocean to your dream destination, Germany, ready to see all the famous sites. You’ve seen the Instagram pictures and are determined to recreate your own impressive photos. First stop – the Neuschwanstein Castle. After navigating a few trains, a jam-packed bus, and a lot of crowds, you arrive […]
Why do I love mountains? In the words of Marvin Gaye, “there ain’t no mountain high enough”…..I personally couldn’t agree more! My love of mountains began during many trips with the family as a kid around the Yorkshire Moors with fresh wind, muddy walking boots and tiring legs. This was half of my childhood. However, […]
With India’s massive size comes diversity. Diversity of cultures and languages, but also diversity of landscapes and wildlife. India has something for every nature lover out there: stunning beaches and Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, rainforests and jungles, and so much more. Here are 17 amazing experiences that will allow you to explore India’s incredible wilderness […]
Sitting on small plastic chairs in primary school classrooms children are being taught about mountains. They all have a single burning question that will get asked every time without fail: ‘what’s the biggest?’. The answer is Everest and the answer to the next question asked without fail: ‘where’s that?’ is the Himalayas. Some of you […]