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When travelling around Africa, spotting the continent’s diverse wildlife in their natural habitats is one of the most breathtaking sights to witness. Observing majestic elephants, graceful giraffes, herds of zebra and water buffalo grazing the African plains or wading though ponds and watering holes to take a drink is truly a one of a kind […]
… what are we still getting wrong about the way we travel? We hear a lot these days about being eco, bio, natural, organic and sustainable in many aspects of our lives. People seem to have realized that their small actions do have a huge impact on our environment and that this impact, globally, is […]
This week, we’re highlighting our Top 10 Eco Tours and Projects! These top 10 Eco tours and Projects are all sustainable, in many different ways.  We’ll highlight why and give you an insight into the diverse factors that make them so great for the environment. Oh and they are some of the best, most unique, […]