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Get hyped for 2019! Let’s make a deal…this will be our best year yet. All those travel plans you’ve been making and telling yourself you will get to one day. It’s now or never so let’s make this the year. Here is some inspiration to get you started. Costa Rica: Volcanoes, Nature and Beaches The […]
It’s finally here!! I (Max Sinclair, Founder of EC) travelled along with three Eco Companion Journalists Andy Trace (Film maker), Margarita Samsonova and Celinne Da Costa to experience some of the most ‘pure form’ eco tourism there is! We spent an autumnal week in the Swedish wilderness at the Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, well known for being […]
It is so easy to forget how lucky we are to have such a diverse, exciting, collection of countries as neighbours. Europe is packed full of inspiration. It is home to the birthplace of democracy, ruins of great empires, Norway’s fjords, and Scottish Highlands, some of the world’s best nightlife and incredible cuisine. Cheap flights […]
I’m putting some ecotourism myths to bed this week. It’s a big wide world out there and not all experiences involve, dirt, bugs and canvas! There’s some crazy ecotourism myths out there, so after a good week away in the wilds of Sweden on our Kolarbyn Wilderness Adventure, I’ve been reminded of a, sometimes tough, […]
A couple of EC journalists, Margarita Samsonova and Celinne Da Costa, one of our favourite wildlife film makers, Andy Trace, and I (Max, the founder), all just arrived back from our Sweden adventure. I have to say it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life in the wilds of Scandinavia! If you […]
Camping out in a cosy log cabin in the middle of the forest? Yas. Canoeing across silent lakes and hiking in woods, like some kind of frigging fairytale-type person? Yaas. Wild moose and beavers roaming around you? Yaaaas beavers. Swap your office desk for a wood cabin in the middle of nowhere. A four-day stay […]