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Before you get to a new place, you hear all sorts of stories from fellow-travellers offering up their tips and tricks and best travel practices for going it alone, oftentimes receiving messages of warning. Don’t walk alone at night. Never carry your passport and large amounts of money with you. Stay in a group of […]
Too many people think an eco-holiday has to be squatting in mud, putting up with “rustic” (read falling apart!) accommodation, and getting your hands dirty looking after animals. Don’t get us wrong; we love a bit of hands-on work, but the beauty of the eco-tourism industry is that you can make a real difference in […]
I’m putting some ecotourism myths to bed this week. It’s a big wide world out there and not all experiences involve, dirt, bugs and canvas! There’s some crazy ecotourism myths out there, so after a good week away in the wilds of Sweden on our Kolarbyn Wilderness Adventure, I’ve been reminded of a, sometimes tough, […]
With India’s massive size comes diversity. Diversity of cultures and languages, but also diversity of landscapes and wildlife. India has something for every nature lover out there: stunning beaches and Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, rainforests and jungles, and so much more. Here are 17 amazing experiences that will allow you to explore India’s incredible wilderness […]
There’s a reason why Kerala is nicknamed God’s Own Country – there are so many places that look and feel like heaven. Imagine relaxing on the deck of your very own houseboat as you tour Kerala’s backwaters, passing sleepy villages, palm-fringed canals and paddy fields. Or what about embarking on a steamy multi-day hike through […]