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The trend of outdoor adventure through experiential travel is becoming ever more popular. But when thinking of an active holiday in nature people often think of mountains, diving spots and safaris. But what about lakes? Lakes offer an almost immediate sense of tranquillity, mixed with the excitement that comes with knowing that you can do […]
Before you get to a new place, you hear all sorts of stories from fellow-travellers offering up their tips and tricks and best travel practices for going it alone, oftentimes receiving messages of warning. Don’t walk alone at night. Never carry your passport and large amounts of money with you. Stay in a group of […]
If your idea of a luxury lodge living is being blissfully at one with nature whilst enjoying the wonderful benefits of sustainable surroundings and eco-friendly practices, all whilst contributing to the development of welcoming local communities, we’re right there with you. Experiencing the call of the wild, sleeping under the stars, and taking part in […]
The rain can sometimes feel like an endless patter of cold drizzle and windows dripping with condensation. The beautiful English countryside becomes swathes of mud and summer beaches become windswept scenes of grey desolation. The early darkness is lit with the sparkle of Christmas lights and the promise of getting home to mugs of tea […]
In our fast-moving, rapidly developing world, we feel as though we are moving further and further from nature. In the middle of a city we see almost no natural shapes. Did you know that the human brain is attuned to fractals!? Fractals or near fractals are shapes found in nature. Cities and urbanised areas are […]