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Imagine snuggling up in an igloo, curling up in front of the fire after an epic hike, or an intimate dinner high above the rainforest in your own private pod. That’s right, going eco doesn’t mean you lose out on any romance. In fact, some of our sustainable cottages and lodges in enchanting spots are […]
What could be more romantic than escaping the city with the one you love and getting out into nature? Switch off from the hassles of the working week and rekindle the romance in one of our stunning eco lodges. As you remember how it feels to be connected to the natural world, you will become […]
A gentle breeze playing across your skin, the warmth of the sun means you have been able to shed your heavy layers and can sit in just a T-shirt. You rise, and barefoot wander slowly, feeling the soft sand meld to the shape of your feet. The sand is warm, but you stand with the […]
With the Caribbean sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Isthmus of central America is small, but dense with beauty and biodiversity. The Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot extends from northern Guatemala through to central Panama and boasts an incredible 7% of the World’s biodiversity. The narrow piece of land acts as […]
Marrying abroad is becoming increasingly popular but it’s not often Eco friendly. So this week I’m sharing my tips on how to have an Eco Wedding you’ll love without hurting the place you’re visiting. When it comes to weddings, there’s often a shocking amount of wastage. Food, decor, furniture, paper, and that’s without considering travel […]