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Have you ever thought about travelling sustainably and staying in lodges, only to then think “Oh wait, eco tourism sounds like camping and I’m too old for that”? How about “I just want a romantic holiday, and eco tourism sounds like a lot of work”? Sound familiar? Sometimes, when I talk to people about travelling together […]
Picture this: a warm summer night, a light breeze cooling your skin as you watch the silhouettes of feathery clouds skid pass the moon. All around are the muted sounds of nocturnal creatures and just down the path is a crackling campfire. Maybe you follow that sound to join a group of figures, laughing and […]
What could be more romantic than escaping the city with the one you love and getting out into nature? Switch off from the hassles of the working week and rekindle the romance in one of our stunning eco lodges. As you remember how it feels to be connected to the natural world, you will become […]
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” This Oscar Wilde quote has always been a favourite of mine. Stars have played an incredible role in human history, from navigation to tales of the Gods, to supposed fortune telling. On those rare nights when we can escape the […]
Marrying abroad is becoming increasingly popular but it’s not often Eco friendly. So this week I’m sharing my tips on how to have an Eco Wedding you’ll love without hurting the place you’re visiting. When it comes to weddings, there’s often a shocking amount of wastage. Food, decor, furniture, paper, and that’s without considering travel […]
The Eco Camp at Jamtara was a real highlight of my time India. Go, I highly recommend it. Although I technically chose India, a part of me likes to think India chose me and when i saw the Eco Camp at Jamtara I was hooked. I went to learn something new, seek a different experience, […]