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We look at 10 of the World’s most endangered species and how your next holiday can help their survival. Sadly the world is full of endangered species but, these days, people are willing to pay good money to see animals in their natural habitats and anyone who’s seen a breaching humpback whale or elephant on […]
1. Manta Ray The manta ray might not be the most beautiful of creatures, but what it lacks in cuteness it makes up for in grace. In Spanish, manta means blanket, and when you look at these animals it isn’t hard to see why it got this name. Manta rays can grow up to 7 […]
It’s no secret that almost every little girl wants to be like Ariel, so it’s not really a surprise that many adult women still harbour that same dream. Thankfully, through scuba diving and snorkelling, we can live out that fantasy in a small way. However, while Ariel might spin around with Flounder and tickle sea […]