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The time when many tourists overlooked Sri Lanka is passing rapidly, and that’s no surprise. This diverse and exotic country, otherwise known as ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’, offers literally everything an eco-traveller can dream of. No matter how much or how little time you have, the relatively small size of the island makes it […]
Lights are popping up through town, and here and there, long lines of children, humming with excitement, are queuing up to visit Santa’s Grotto. But what about the real-world grottos? These hidden away places offer examples of the world’s most incredible natural architecture. They are underground palaces that any mythical creature would be excited to […]
The rain can sometimes feel like an endless patter of cold drizzle and windows dripping with condensation. The beautiful English countryside becomes swathes of mud and summer beaches become windswept scenes of grey desolation. The early darkness is lit with the sparkle of Christmas lights and the promise of getting home to mugs of tea […]
A couple of weeks ago we looked at a little of what Sri Lanka has to offer but this week we want to focus on what we do best: wildlife! Sri Lanka has one of the highest rates of endemism in the world as well as multiple zones thus lending itself to a wider range […]