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There is nothing worse than spending time on your favourite trail or at your favourite campsite or beach amongst a load of trash. Even more, proper environmental stewardship is about more than just trash. It is no great secret that humans have a drastic, and oftentimes negative, impact on the environment we call home. Consider […]
This is it. These are the trips you’ve been dreaming of, making wishful plans, and wondering about. These are the trips on everyone’s bucket list but that so few people ever actually take. Remember this: you get one chance at life. Grab the opportunity when it comes around! From a couple of weeks to an entire […]
Why do I love mountains? In the words of Marvin Gaye, “there ain’t no mountain high enough”…..I personally couldn’t agree more! My love of mountains began during many trips with the family as a kid around the Yorkshire Moors with fresh wind, muddy walking boots and tiring legs. This was half of my childhood. However, […]
With India’s massive size comes diversity. Diversity of cultures and languages, but also diversity of landscapes and wildlife. India has something for every nature lover out there: stunning beaches and Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, rainforests and jungles, and so much more. Here are 17 amazing experiences that will allow you to explore India’s incredible wilderness […]