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Confused about which country to dive next? Unsure of dive seasons and when best to visit? Fear not – we’ve done the research for you! Enjoy our top 5 dive destinations with where to go, when to go, what to see and how Eco Companion can help you get there with handpicked and affordable projects. […]
The wildlife of the Galapagos Islands is well known for its diversity with unique species that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. The Galapagos Islands wildlife; birds with blue feet, evil looking iguanas that swim, fish with teeth on their throats and weigh about a ton, and little lizards that do push ups. No […]
Nature in focus looks at the Galapagos tortoise this week, unique in the animal kingdom and likely a lot older than you! The king of superlatives. The Galapagos tortoise. The world’s largest tortoise, amongst the longest-living animals, the Galápagos most iconic species, and maybe even one of the laziest animal on the planet? You got […]