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The trend of outdoor adventure through experiential travel is becoming ever more popular. But when thinking of an active holiday in nature people often think of mountains, diving spots and safaris. But what about lakes? Lakes offer an almost immediate sense of tranquillity, mixed with the excitement that comes with knowing that you can do […]
Imagine a time before science, when all you have to judge the world by is your senses. Nature is vast and often dangerous. The winters are so cold you trudge through snow and your breath rises in a sparkling mist before your eyes. Your nights are lit by the multitude of stars and the fires […]
A winter ecotour is not always what comes to mind when you think about eco-holidays, especially as sustainable holidays seem to be synonymous with beaches and jungles. So hot on the heals of Max’s big Swedish adventure I pick three of the best winter treats for you to explore. These sustainable winter holidays offer access to […]
Reindeer are known by many names such as ‘Caribou’ (originating from the French word for ‘snow shoveler’), Hrenin (originating from the Norse ‘Horned Animal’) and in many Eastern European languages ‘Po’aw’ (originating from the Iranian word for ‘cattle’). Contrary to what we see in films, their first description associated with Santa Claus they are described […]
  ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Lapland, Every elf was at work, lending a hand; The presents were piled up by Santa with care, And the dazzling Northern Lights, danced in the air… OK, so that might not be quite the rhyme you remember. But forgive me. Christmas Eve is all about magic. […]