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Picture this: a warm summer night, a light breeze cooling your skin as you watch the silhouettes of feathery clouds skid pass the moon. All around are the muted sounds of nocturnal creatures and just down the path is a crackling campfire. Maybe you follow that sound to join a group of figures, laughing and […]
What is ecotourism? I’m sure that you have heard the term ‘ecotourism‘. However, you may find yourself asking the question: ‘what is ecotourism?’ Let’s start by looking at expert definitions: The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) describes ecotourism as: “Travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” TIES, 2015 David […]
It is definitely safe to say that being eco-friendly can be achieved by everyone in a wide variety of ways. Whether you decide to dedicate more time to recycling, use less plastic in your daily life, or undertake specially designed eco-friendly holidays, the way you do your bit is entirely up to you. For those […]
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” This Oscar Wilde quote has always been a favourite of mine. Stars have played an incredible role in human history, from navigation to tales of the Gods, to supposed fortune telling. On those rare nights when we can escape the […]
I’m staying at my parent’s house. A couple of days ago I awoke to find us shrouded in snow. As I padded along the hallway I heard a call from their room: “Are you making coffee?” I go in to find them both very determinedly huddled under blankets, still in bed. My Dad has his […]
So how do you spot a Sustainable holiday? What is “Eco”? We believe that everyone has a part to play in sustaining our natural environment, but not everyone knows what a sustainable holiday really is, let alone how to spot one. This week i’m looking into the key factors that signify sustainable. So you can […]
Welsh conservation is setting the standard for wildlife conservation in the UK. This week I’m taking a closer look at some of the initiatives. What it lacks in size, Wales makes up for in terms of wilderness. Known for its hiking, mountains, valleys and rugged cliffs, Welsh conservation is setting the standard for wildlife conservation. […]
How about a spot of glamping in Wales! As part of our big EC adventure to Wales we we were lucky enough to base ourselves at the Wales glamping haven created by our close friends at Eco Retreats. We sometimes forget that in the UK we are blessed with some amazing wildlife, fantastic scenery and […]
Roadtrip! Eco Companion goes on a Welsh Adventure. (Trailer) So maybe you’ve heard, or seen my attempts at chopping logs, but we’ve been on an adventure! Myself and the Eco Companion team headed off on a roadtrip to explore Wales. Amazing wildlife, beautiful scenery, some inspirational volunteers and all right on our doorstep! Check out the […]
Deep in the heart of the Welsh mountains, far removed from the smog of cities and the blare of car-horns, lies Eco Retreats. With luxurious (and low-impact) yurts and tipis all nestled within one of Britain’s biggest forests, this eco-retreat offers the perfect chance to get ‘back to basics’. Here’s why our editor chose Eco […]