East Africa Circuit

Nairobi, Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

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Africa – a continent known for its exceptional biodiversity and variety of colourful cultures. Whether you’re fascinated by history, captivated by wildlife, or simply appreciate stunning landscapes – the East Africa Circuit is is a tour that has it all. And you won't be limited to just one country... Journey through Kenya, a nation whose vast savannahs and a myriad of amazing animal residents probably fits exactly with your perception of wild Africa. As if a classic safari wasn’t enough, you will also visit Rwanda and Uganda, home to lush rainforests and some rather intriguing primate cousins…After arriving in Nairobi, you will travel to the Rwandan capital, Kigali, to learn more about the historical context of the country. Next, leave the concrete jungle behind as you journey deep into the forested mountains of Uganda, where you might even catch a rare glimpse of mountain gorillas. Visit a Ugandan pygmy village for a fascinating cultural experience, and stop off at the source of the famous River Nile, before your tour reaches its dramatic climax with a game drive in the world-renowned Masai Mara nature reserve. On this tour, you might just discover that there’s more to Africa than meets the eye...

Tucan Travel are proud providers of incredible tours that cater for the adventurous souls of the world, whilst keeping one very simple thing in mind: sustainability. Their aim is to make adventure travel sustainable for the long term. To achieve this, Tucan Travel have implemented measures that respect the delicate ecosystems, wildlife and natural habitats that they are exploring, following strict rules to minimise the effects of tourists' presence. They have developed waste management solutions to help recycle, repair and reuse materials, and have also introduced a carbon offset scheme that encourages the use of public transport wherever possible, further helping to minimise their carbon footprint. Many of Tucan Travel’s tours include opportunities to view local wildlife in national parks or at dedicated conservation centres. Animal welfare is big focus for Tucan Travel who even have their own policy which includes only working with suppliers who meet their animal welfare standards, and offering wildlife encounters only insofar as they directly benefit that species. With so many sustainability initiatives and more, such as contribution to local community schemes, supporting the work of World Land Trust and LATA in Latin America, Tucan Travel are truly committed to eco-tourism and their long term target of sustainable tourism.

Day 1
day 1

Nairobi (Kenya): Day one of your tour begins as you arrive in the Kenyan capital city, Nairobi, where you will spend one night in a hotel before commencing the rest of the journey the next day. Whilst you may feel as though you’re missing out on doing everything you had planned in this city, don’t fret, you will be back…

Day 2
day 2

Kigali (Rwanda): From one capital to another – today you will travel to the city described as Rwanda’s ‘cultural and commercial hub’ so you surely won’t be short of potentials things to do. Your options include visiting its vast array of restaurants or taking a stroll through the streets to admire the beauty of this splendid city.

Day 3
day 3

Travel to Lake Bunyonyi: You have a busy day of travelling planned, but not before you visit the Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial as well as the Hotel Rwanda and the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. Though it may be upsetting, it is important to understand the social context of the country. From Rwanda to Uganda, you will pass over the border to reach your base at Lake Bunyonyi in preparation for your trek tomorrow.

Day 4
day 4

Gorilla trek: Get your hiking boots ready as you will be travelling by foot around the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home of the mighty mountain gorillas. You have nothing to fear, your specialists guides will provide you with ample protection as well as high quality information regarding the apes. Your time in the company of the gorillas is limited in order to prevent acclimatisation to humans but you will have enough time to appreciate the magnificence of these creatures.

Day 5
day 5

Return to Lake Bunyonyi: Your morning is unrestricted in terms of activities so it will be solely up to you, whether you want to explore the area further or merely recuperate from the previous day’s trekking. In the afternoon, you will be lucky enough to travel across the lake to visit the Batwa pygmy village and school which will give you an insight into the Ugandan way of life, a fantastic cultural experience.

Day 6
day 6

Travel to Kampala: So far, you have travelled from city to city and from country to country – so how about travelling from hemisphere to hemisphere? Undoubtedly the highlight of the trip to the Ugandan capital Kampala is stopping at the equator, the middle of the Earth! Your stopping point is popular with tourists, for obvious reasons, so is ideal for finding the perfect souvenirs and taking those all-important photos!

Day 7-8
day 7-8

Jinja: By morning, you will visit Uganda’s National Museum in order to learn a bit more about the country’s cultural heritage: ideal for the history boffins amongst you. However your next day and half will be spent in Jinja, near the source of one of the longest rivers on earth: The Nile. The town is well known for its adventure sports so maybe it’s time to try white water rafting or mountain biking! For a calmer experience, the local villages will provide a more tranquil alternative.

Day 9-10
day 9-10

Naivasha: Your journey will now take you back to Kenya where two nights of the tour will be spent exploring the area around Lake Naivasha. A must-see experience is the Hell’s Gate National park – a park like no other. It’s home to iconic African wildlife such as giraffes and gazelles, but there’s a twist as you can experience it by foot or by bike. The animals will cause you no harm so there is nothing to worry about, just don’t spook them too much!

Day 11-12
day 11-12

Masai Mara: Hell’s Gate was merely a taster of what you have in store for today. Your time has arrived to visit one of the most famous nature reserves in the world. Its diversity of wildlife and overwhelming landscapes will astound you as you survey the park by 4x4. Not only will time be spent spotting your favourite wild creatures but you will also get the chance to visit a local Masai village where you can embrace the local culture and understand their way of life.

Day 13
day 13

Return to Nairobi: From the savannah to the city, you will return to the very place that you started with circuit tour. Pick up where you left off or explore new areas of the Kenyan capital, there is plenty of options! All in all, enjoy your final night on the East African tour.

Day 14
day 14

Departure: What a trip! Sadly, it must officially come to an end as you will be transferred to the airport to commence your independent travel plans.

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