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Winter is coming – let’s find you a way out of this one! Those lovely hot summer days are behind us, and soon enough we’ll all be back to slapping on layers upon layers of clothing and having early nights in, as opposed to sun lotion and migrating between beer gardens. On the bright side, […]
There are so many amazing, natural wonders scattered throughout this planet. Each country has something unique you can visit, whether it’s the beautiful landscapes of Iceland,  incredible animals on an African Safari, or big adventures in India. Exploring and learning more about those environments can increase people’s awareness about the natural world and present value […]
I’m putting some ecotourism myths to bed this week. It’s a big wide world out there and not all experiences involve, dirt, bugs and canvas! There’s some crazy ecotourism myths out there, so after a good week away in the wilds of Sweden on our Kolarbyn Wilderness Adventure, I’ve been reminded of a, sometimes tough, […]
This week I’m sharing my adventures in Costa Rica. Travelling is such a personal thing for those of us looking for experiences beyond a holiday. These are my top three destinations, where you can make the most of this amazing country. So, you’ve decided you your want next adventure in Costa Rica. You want to see […]
Another year is coming to a close, and, more importantly, another season of Planet Earth. This time round, Planet Earth II delivered even more of the stunning nature footage we’ve come to expect from Attenborough and his team. So, as a tribute to all of the animal stars of the show, here’s our very own […]
Pushing yourself to the limit can be rewarding, but leaving your comfort zone doesn’t always have to be an action-packed effort. There are relaxing experiences all over the world if you know where to look, so sit back and peruse our quintessential list of the best, most awe inspiring, unique, and tried and tested spots […]