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All of our elephant tours and projects put conservation front and centre, as we believe that all eco travel should. Globally, the elephant is listed as vulnerable at best and it’s in no small part thanks to the efforts of dedicated elephant lovers that the species is holding it’s own in some places. Sadly, elephants […]
Elephants are beautiful and highly intelligent creatures. They have close family ties, show empathy, and are one of the few creatures which demonstrate self-awareness. Yet the tragedy is that all too often they are kept in so-called “sanctuaries” in poor conditions and suffer terrible treatment including beatings and stabbings with bullhooks. Even in the wild, […]
Imagine: the quiet of nature, the sound of bird calls, a rustle…then from the trees, silent for such a vast creature, an elephant emerges. Another follows, and another. You sit in breathless awe as the herd passes you by and eventually disappears into the foliage again. Seeing creatures in their natural habitat is one of […]
Elephant Shrew The elephant shrew is a charming little creature found all over Africa and named as such for its long nose. Despite the name they are not shrews, or even rodents at all! Though they cannot be found in any great numbers in any single place, they survive across a wide range of environments […]
Growing up, we are naturally curious about nature and how it works. Throughout childhood many of us have admired the amazing wildlife that is presented to us on TV. Stripping back to the basics and immersing ourselves in nature is not only beneficial mentally but also physically – doing this David Attenborough style is ramping […]
Some people like to head off for a week or two of pure relaxation with nothing to do but lounge in a deckchair. We must admit that’s pretty tempting. However, some people switch-off better from working life by switching on. With these projects you can dive right in to some incredible volunteer and conservation experiences. […]
Summer is here! It’s June at last! Those pale green sprouts on the trees have transformed into deep green leaves and we are starting to shed our outer layers. Prime time for holiday booking has actually passed. That desperate need for a bit of sun to hope for peaked in the dull grey months. But […]
As the New Year rolls in, I’m sure we all have the best intentions: get fit, eat more healthy food, travel more, drink less…the list goes ever on. Yet by mid-January most of us have fallen back into the same old habits. A few years ago I promised myself I would go running every morning. […]
This weekend’s focus is China, home to some great conservation but also the epicentre of the ivory trade. China is the world’s largest elephant-ivory market, however that is set to change this year following new legislation. In March this year, the Chinese Government announced the closure of 67 ivory facilities including carving factories and retailers, […]
✔ Wanna work with wild animals in the African wilderness? Yeahhh we can probably hook you up. ✔ Hate flying, can’t take too much time off work but want to make a difference? NUMBER 14 IS FOR YOU. ✔ How about teaching English in Costa Rica? Not to give any hints, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find that […]