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This week we bring you the story of the fastest of all land animals living on Earth: the Cheetah! They are smaller, smoother and sleeker than any other member of the big cat family. When you have a look at their aerodynamic body structure – extra-large heart and lungs, narrow waist, flexible spine, long legs […]
Today, I’m telling you about the smallest of the big cats: leopards. Big cats have always captured the popular imagination: Simba and Nala, Shere Khan, Bagheera… We’ve all grown up with the adventures of charismatic big cats from our childhood’s favourite books and movies. Powerful, agile and sleek, leopards are skilled hunters. Relying on stealth and […]
The Namibian Cheetah (sometimes referred to as the South African Cheetah) may be the most numerous sub-species of Cheetah in subsaharan Africa but is still present on the IUCN’s red list – current status vulnerable. Predictably, Namibia hosts the largest population of Namibian Cheetah (around 2,500 animals) but their range extends from the Transvaal in […]
Desert Lions are set to feature heavily in the next instalment of planet earth 2. In a unique demonstration of the extremes which animals need to go to, in order to survive in the harsh desert environment, a pride of lions attempts to take down a giraffe many times their size. They are driven to […]