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Summer is here! It’s June at last! Those pale green sprouts on the trees have transformed into deep green leaves and we are starting to shed our outer layers. Prime time for holiday booking has actually passed. That desperate need for a bit of sun to hope for peaked in the dull grey months. But […]
This week, we’re highlighting our Top 10 Eco Tours and Projects! These top 10 Eco tours and Projects are all sustainable, in many different ways.  We’ll highlight why and give you an insight into the diverse factors that make them so great for the environment. Oh and they are some of the best, most unique, […]
This week I’m focusing on four bear species that are considered at risk and who need all the help we can give them to survive and one day, hopefully, flourish. There are numerous bear species and they’re often a part of most people’s lives, even if they have never seen one in the flesh. As children […]
[custom_heading center=”true”]An Unforgettable Brown Bear Experience[/custom_heading] What do you know about Transylvania? If you’re like me, probably not much, apart from maybe the legend of Dracula (aka ‘Vlad the Impaler’). Well here are some extra facts for ya’, to help you get a picture of the place in your mind’s eye: Transylvania is a historical […]
Ciao! My name’s Bianca. A few things you should know about me: I am a big animal lover, and an animal rights activist. I volunteer with PETA, and also run a Facebook Page about Animal Welfare News. I studied Animal welfare, the environment and politics at University. I’ve always been interested in sustainable travel – […]
When you think of bears, images of Yogi, Baloo, Winnie-the-Pooh or maybe even Paddington Bear. Whichever type of bear springs to mind one thing for certain is that bears were an important part of our childhood. But how many of us have actually seen a bear in the wild? Well, now is your chance to […]
The European Brown bear can be distinguished from from other bear species by their distinctive shoulder hump. This hump contains immensely strong shoulder muscles which bears use to dig up roots and tear apart logs in search of food. They hibernate throughout the winter and females don’t even wake to give birth! See them on […]