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The great apes fascinate us for so many reasons. They are so different and mysterious yet we likely all see something human in them: their dexterous fingers, their curiosity, and their interesting social dynamics. Sadly, many are endangered their habitat is rapidly being destroyed and the apes are hunted for bushmeat. The term ‘great apes’ […]
The orangutan, from the Malay words “orang hutan,“ meaning “human of the forest,” resides in the rain forests of the Southeast Asian islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Bornean orangutans are found in both Indonesia and Malaysia, meaning that Indonesia holds about 80 percent of the world’s wild orangutan population. Orangutans are the most intelligent beings on Earth after homosapiens, […]
Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. But, while Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas Towers are pretty amazing, one of the biggest attractions to this country is the wildlife, especially in Malaysian Borneo. Borneo is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. With world class dive spots, island turtle sanctuaries, and plenty of lush jungle, you […]
When the opportunity to write an article on orangutans with Eco Companion came about I jumped at the chance. After recently watching the BBC documentary Red Ape, I along with much of the nation were left feeling heart broken, overwhelmed and most of all helpless, staring in the face of our critically endangered forest cousins […]
You’ve made it! One week into the new year. How many resolutions have you kept? How many of you have promised yourselves to make a change and travel this year? We at Eco Companion always have that goal in mind. So here are our top 5 destinations for the new year… 1. Costa Rica How […]