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Thousands of tourists flock to the beautiful countries of South America every year in search of some of the best wineries in the world, delicious food and great nightlife complete with Latin American flair. While this gorgeous continent hosts all the above, one of its main draws is the breathtaking natural landscapes that dot each […]
We work hard to inspire people to take make choices which aid and protect the natural world. Volunteer project are a really special way for people to do this and we believe they should be available to everyone so we love it when we can offer affordable projects. All of these come in at under […]
This week, we’re highlighting our Top 10 Eco Tours and Projects! These top 10 Eco tours and Projects are all sustainable, in many different ways.  We’ll highlight why and give you an insight into the diverse factors that make them so great for the environment. Oh and they are some of the best, most unique, […]
[custom_heading center=”true”]Give vulnerable rescued animals a second chance at life as a volunteer at the Bolivia Wildlife Sanctuary.[/custom_heading] In a small town near Bolivia’s bustling capital, La Paz, you’ll find the one of South America’s leading wildlife rescue centres – the Bolivia Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, animals that have been rescued from an illegal trafficking industry […]