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Cusco, Peru, South America, Americas

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"Conquer Cusco and relax in authentic rainforest lodges as you search for Peruvian wildlife."

Replace your standard beach holiday with an unforgettable trip to Peru. On this tour, you'll conquer Cusco, explore the magnificent Manu National Park, and discover the remarkable wildlife of the Wayqecha cloud forest. Manu is renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity; make sure you keep a lookout for the only surviving bear species in South America, the Spectacled Bear. It’s opportunities like these – surrounded by Peru’s lowland jungle, cloud forest and the mighty Manu River – that make this experience one that you will cherish for years to come.

Relax among the spectacular Amazonian wildlife and take on the incredible action-packed itinerary that this tour offers. Reconnect with the natural world as you look out for some of Peru's most elusive species, including the elusive and charismatic Wooly monkey! Listen to the gentle chirping and squawking of birds at the Cock of the Rock Lodge - you might even get a sighting of Peru’s colourful National bird, after which the lodge is named... Explore the magical cloud forest and make the most of each action-packed day before watching the stunning Amazonian sunset from your rainforest lodge.

The Crees Foundation is a non-profit organisation, with all profits funding the running of their various projects. Based in Peru's Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Foundation's mission is to promote sustainability in the Amazon and protect the environment so guests can continue to enjoy the awe-inspiring rainforest. Crees aim to raise awareness of the importance of the rainforest, and of its preservation, whilst also ensuring that the local community can benefit financially from its resources. They suggest that by working together, we can educate the world about the importance of sustainability, allowing mankind and nature to support one another through balance, respect and innovation.

Crees believe that there is more to sustainability than conservation, and that it is also imperative to take social, economic and environment factors into consideration. If these aspects are ignored, sustainable environmental and community development cannot be achieved. Crees achieve balance by putting in place strategic, proactive and ecologically sound programmes, in addition to developing eco-friendly facilities. Finally, Crees aim to lead operations to provide educational tours and programmes that reconnect guests with the environment, and also raising awareness about the importance of protecting the rainforest.

Day 1
day 1

Cusco – Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station: Head from Cusco to the Wauqecha Cloud Forest and enjoy a relaxing night stay as you admire the spectacular views of the area where the Andes meet the Amazonian lowlands.

Day 2
day 2

Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station – Cock of the Rock Lodge: Journey deep into the cloud forest by foot, but keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Wooly Monkey!

Day 3
day 3

Cock of the Rock Lodge – Manu Learning Centre: The early bird gets the worm and if you’re up early you can get the bird – Peru’s national bird, the Cock on the Rock to be precise. Enjoy a boat trip down the Madre de Dios River on route to the Manu Learning Centre. Trek the trails with a guide and researcher for an enjoyable learning experience. Head back to the centre to watch the stunning Amazon sunset.

Day 4
day 4

Manu Learning Centre: Spend the day revelling in the remarkable variety of Peruvian wildlife and take a trip down the river before returning to the centre.

Day 5
day 5

Manu Learning Centre – Romero Rainforest Lodge: Travel down to the river and explore the local Boca Manu village. Later you can embrace your inner naturalist and as you walk along the oxbow lake in search of roosting parrots and macaws before relaxing at the Romero Lodge in the remarkable rainforest.

Day 6
day 6

Romero Rainforest Lodge: Work on your birdwatching skills at Manu as you explore the forest - it's a birder's paradise due to the area’s huge population of different species.

Day 7
day 7

Romero Rainforest Lodge – Campsite Aguaje: If you’re a softy for all things feline then this is a day not to be missed! Trek the Cocha Limonal trail and keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peak of the enigmatic Jaguar. You’ll end this day with a stay in one of Manu’s top rated campsites.

Day 8
day 8

Campsite Aguaje – Romero Rainforest Lodge: Head over to Cocha Salvador and sail in a small catamaran to extend your wildlife species count to include animals that occupy the water.

Day 9
day 9

Romero Rainforest Lodge – Manu Wildlife Centre: Spend the day exploring the nature trails and enjoy some bird watching at the nearby clay lick. Enjoy your stay in the Romero Rainforest Lodge and make the most of the canopy platform and the observation tower which allows you to admire the awe-inspiring. If you’ve got enough energy left you can also head out for a night walk with the guides once the dark night sets in.

Day 10
day 10

Manu Wildlife Centre: Revel in the spectacular sounds and sights of nature in the rainforest and explore the Manu Wildlife Centre for the day. If you can keep your eyes open, you can also remain at the clay lick to see if you can spot South America’s largest mammal – the Tapir.

Day 11
day 11

Manu Learning Centre - Cusco: Travel once more by boat to Colorado village, passing by local riverbank settlements en route. Next, begin your journey overland to Puerto Carlos before crossing the Inambari River to reach Santa Rosa. Finally, you'll journey on to Puerto Maldonado to board your return flight to Cusco.

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