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Finally! Eco Holidays to see Unicorns and other Mythical Creatures

Lions, tigers, and rainbow-colored unicorns, oh my? That’s right! Sure, you’ve had a sub-Saharan safari or whale shark dive on your bucket list since someone threw a piece of paper into a bucket, but is that as exotic as it gets?

If watching lions stalk antelope under a blue Savannah sky or swimming with whale sharks as beams of sunlight shoot into the water to illuminate the glorious sea life around you just don’t do it for you, never fear! It is time to join Eco Companion as we take you to a far-off (non-existent) land full of mythical creatures that will leave you saying, “This is unreal!” (because it quite literally is).

Number 10. A Snuggle and Foot Rub with the Yeti

eco companion yeti

We’ve all heard of it, but who knew the Yeti just wanted a good ole’ foot rub? This exclusive vacation package includes snuggle-time and a foot rub with everyone’s favorite “real-life” Chewbacca. One rule, however… no photos allowed!

Number 9. The Rainbow Unicorn Yoga Retreat

eco companion unicorn

Quite honestly, we don’t feel an explanation is necessary, but we’ll try anyway. Join the Rainbow Unicorn for three days of yoga, animalistic transcendental meditation, rainbow lunches and stardust dinners. Stretch your muscles and your mind in this one-of-a-kind adventure. We promise that by the end of it you’ll be feeling positively multidimensional!

Number 8. The…. Thing in the Morning

eco companion monster

What is it? Who cares?! We may be calling it “The Thing”, but we doubt you’ll see it in any movies. This loveable(?) looking beast just wants to say hello… with its tongue… and six bizarre arms. No doubt this is exactly what you want to greet you first thing in the morning as you start your vacation. Are we right or are we right?

Number 7. The Fire-Breathing Dragon Bed ‘n Breakfast

eco companion dragon

Is there a better way to cook an egg or heat your coffee in the morning than with a scorching dragon flame? We don’t think so. Once your meal is done, you can sit calmly by the window, gaze upon the lush, wooded landscape, and take in the relaxing atmosphere as bleating deer try to escape the dragon’s fiery clutches. It’s fun for the whole family!

Number 6. The Rabbit with a Magic Wand’s Australian Family Fantasy Excursion

eco companion rabbit

As the hot sun bakes the desert, he stands alone in his tower, wand in hand, shouting instructions to the soldiers below. Available only in Australia, this tour tells the tale of how one of the cutest creatures on the planet found a magic wand (was brought by humans), learned a procreation spell (had no natural predators), and became every Australian’s nightmare!

Number 5. Tour Central and South America with Quetzalcoatl

Eco companion Quetzalcoatl

What better guide could you have on your amazing Central and South American adventure than the Creator of Mankind himself? Steep yourself in Aztec and Mayan history, enjoy native fruits and vegetables, and partake in ritual sacrifice as you re-live the magic of days gone by with the feathered flying serpent himself. You’ll want to leave the kids at home for this one! Includes an exclusive bonus night-walking tour with Tezcatlipoca!

Number 4. Sunset Beach Cruise with Ariel

Eco companion mermaid

Guess what, kids?! (And some of you adults, don’t deny it). You’ll be happy to hear that Ariel is real! Suitable for the entire family, join Ariel the Mermaid as she tells you tales of the bottomless blue, treasures untold, and gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. Watch beautiful sunsets and learn about life under the sea as Ariel tries to be a part of your world.

Number 3. Fly the Unfriendly Skies with A Griffin

Eco companion griffin

Skydiving, paragliding, or cliff jumping just not getting your adrenaline going like they used to? Then book your flight with a Griffin today. Gracefully soar the skies as this eagle/horse tears mercilessly into its prey and continually tries to pluck you off its back. Your blood will be pumpin’ faster than you can say, “My safe word is Griffindor!”

Number 2. Witness the End of All Creation with Cthulhu

Eco companion Cthulhu

If there is one mythical creature that would make the End of All Creation really pop with excitement, it’s Cthulhu! Your front row seats to the collapse of all space and time come with careful narration by the human/octopus/dragon beast itself. Once the show is over, share in the feast! We just can’t tell you what’s on the menu (Hint: it’s you).

Number 1. Watch a Unicorn Poop Rainbows

Eco companion unicorn

This list would not have been right without a wryly-grinning unicorn pooping a perfectly-swirled rainbow. You’re welcome.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through a land of mythical creature-based vacations. We’ve got the corner on this market and our knowledgeable Eco Experts are ready and waiting to help you take the first steps towards booking your own mind-altering unicorn yoga retreat.

But, if those whale shark dives and eco-tours available in the real world still tickle your fancy, we can handle that too! Step out of the dream world (don’t worry, you can go back) take a small side trip back to reality and search through some of the best of eco-tourism adventures available.

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