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Will you provide info on what to pack for my trip?

Yes! We’ll send over specifics after you’ve completed your booking for each trip. Though if you’d like to find out prior for any particular trip then make an enquiry on any particular trip or email [email protected]

Are your trips vegan friendly?

Yes, yes and yes!! We aim to go beyond just vegan ‘friendly’ too which is sometimes code for side salad! Our team is currently 100% vegan as of writing and so we make sure each trip is designed in a way that we would love. That means lots of great vegan eating! 

The other important reason for it is that we accept the scientific consensus that switching to a vegan diet is one of the single biggest things you can do reduce your impact on the planet.

In particular what the Eco Companion team is interested in is protecting the natural landscapes that hold such an amazing diversity of life outside of humans and cows. This study by Oxford University highlights “we would require ~3.1 billion hectares (76%) less farmland. ‘This would take pressure off the world’s tropical forests and release land back to nature,’ says Joseph Poore.”. Imagine rewilding 76% of the farmland we currently use back to its natural state! That’s a beautiful vision that Eco Companion is 100% behind!

I'm a solo traveller, is this for me?

For sure! That’s actually part of the inspiration for creating these trips. We get so many requests from solo travelers, particularly women, eager to travel but hoping to find a group of like-minded individuals to enjoy the experiences with.

Do I need to pay in full at the time of booking?

To secure your place on the trip you only have to pay a deposit of 20%. This holds the availability for you and you don’t have to pay anything more until up 12 weeks prior to departure. At that point your final balance will be due.

If you choose to upgrade your room, donation amount or anything else then those figures will be payable within the final balance due.

What if I miss my flight or there are delays?

Don’t panic! That’s the first thing! First thing to mention on flights is make sure to receive confirmation from us on your booking before going ahead on flights. Airlines can be very difficult to get refunds from if anything was to go amiss.

Then if something goes wrong with your flight and so you’re delayed or anything else, we will always make sure that you’re well looked after. Our trips are made to replicate what it’s like to travel with a group of friends. Friends don’t leave friends behind! 

Do I need to convert any currency?

This depends on the destination. Most trips include the majority of your costs, though we’ll generally still recommend a small daily allowance to help cover extra costs like drinks, snacks, local donations and anything else. If you’re looking to find the answer to this for a particular trip then just email [email protected] or click to send an enquiry on the tour itself.

Do I need any vaccination ahead of my trip?

This is very much specific to each trip and also depends on where you’re from in the world. We have travelers from all around the globe so it’s hard to give specific advice so we always recommend speaking to your doctor.

Can I suggest where the next group trip should be?

For sure! We love to build trips around what you’re after! Email [email protected] with your ideas.

Are there age restrictions on your trips? Family friendly?

Our trips are generally made for adults so that people can relax and do as they like. Though we are very interested in the idea of trips uniquely made for families so if you were interested in that then please do get in touch! [email protected]

Are flights included?

Flights aren’t included as we have customers book with us from all around the world so the flights vary greatly.

However, we’re always more than happy to help you figure out the best flight options if you just email which trip it is you’re interested in and the city or airport you’re flying from to [email protected]

What types of accommodation do you use? Can I upgrade?

Each trip varies quite a lot from some trips with a more basic standard through to the highest of luxury anyone could dream of!

We always make sure for each trip to include an option to upgrade though so that the living standards can tick the box of all.

How do you decide who becomes an Eco Companion Journalist?

Our Eco Companion journalists are passionate content creators who are all deeply in love with travel and the natural world.

Not only do they love it but they’re passionate about helping to protect it for our future! They look to inspire more people to fall in love with the natural world through their photography, films and writing.

Can I vlog/blog my travel experience?

100%! We think that it’s important to be present and in the experience with the natural world in order to get the most out of it. Photography, film and the written word helps us to capture those moments too though and hold on to them for longer. Plus sending that inspiring content of our beautiful planet helps more of humanity to appreciate all that we have!


Can you make itineraries for any destination?

Largely, yes!

Eco Companion started out as a purely tailor-made operator and so has built up a great network of local partners around the world all of which match up to our high standards of sustainability as well as delivering one hell of an adventure!

If I can’t make a group trip, can I go on a similar itinerary at a different time of the year?

For sure! Our trips are made for a group but sometimes the dates aren’t quite right for you or you might be a couple looking for a bit more privacy or a family. So we’re always happy to look to recreate those trips for you.

Can you tailor-make a trip for a solo traveller?

Definitely! We’re particularly well known for helping solo female travelers from all around the world to go out and explore new, beautiful natural landscapes while staying safe and secure. Just email [email protected]

Are you large group/corporate group friendly? Can you handle a group of 8+ people?

Yep! We’re more than used to handling large groups. Just email [email protected] with what you’re looking to get help with.


Where is Eco Companion based?

Eco Companion is a UK based company. Our office address is:

Eco Companion Ltd.

69 Sollershott Hall


What is eco travel and eco tourism?

Eco tourism is a holistic approach to negating the negative impacts of tourism and looking to create positive impacts in its place. It looks at not just the environmental impact to the destination but also the economic impact (does the money stay in the destination?) and the cultural impact (is the culture of the local area protected, celebrated and involved?).


Eco tourism also is different to sustainable tourism or responsible tourism as it always involves the natural world and conservation of that natural world too. We’ll often have cities and urban locations involved in an itinerary especially for the long haul trips, but the highlight is always mother earth! 🌍


Eco Companion loves eco tourism as it helps turn tourism from a destructive force to a powerful positive one. 

The Eco Companion sincerely believes that if enough people choose to make the switch then that can become a powerful factor in the fight to create a place for nature in tomorrow’s world!

How eco are your trips?

Firstly, we follow the principles of ecotourism explained above. This gives the backbone to it all to make sure the experience itself has all damaging impacts reduced or removed entirely and lots of great work is done in conservation efforts locally too.

We are also constantly looking for new and original ways to improve on the eco standards of the entirety of the traveling experience. From the point of arrival to our website, all the way through to how you leave a review!

Eco Companion was built to save our natural world through eco tourism. So it’s very important to us to get it right! If you ever feel something about our approach doesn’t sing true to that then please don’t hold back on giving us feedback. We’re a young business that’s early in it’s development in a lot of ways and so love to find areas for improvement! Email [email protected].

How fit do I need to be for one of your trips?

Our trips range quite a lot in this area. Some are made for relaxation and recovery and so require very little to no fitness. Others though do involve the very wildest side of nature and that often does require a higher level.

We generally will make it clear on each trip within the details tab or you can always make an enquiry or email [email protected].

Are flights included?

Flights aren’t included as we have customers book with us from all around the world so the flights vary greatly.

However, we’re always more than happy to help you figure out the best flight options if you just email which trip it is you’re interested in and the city or airport you’re flying from to [email protected]

Aren’t flights bad for the planet?

Great question! They are definitely one of the larger carbon contributors for any trip you book if you’re flying long haul. That’s why right off the bat, we automatically include carbon offsetting for all flights within the price of any trip with Eco Companion. 

A donation to The World Land Trust for biodiversity protection is also added on top which further extends the offset of those emissions. 

Here’s a more detailed piece on our views on flights if you were interested to hear more.

What is ‘EC’s Mission in a Bottle?’

With every booking, you will receive your very own ‘mission in a bottle’. That bottle is not just a nice gift, it stands for all we are striving to achieve. Its purpose is to help tackle single-use plastic through swapping to the bottle itself, to educate you in the destination itself and how to minimise your impact through your own actions and also confirmation for a donation to offset all carbon emissions from your trip AND a donation for biodiversity protection (Purchasing areas of land that are particularly important to protecting biodiversity).

You’ve guessed it – much like us, that bottle is designed be be your eco companion.

What was the reason Eco Companion was created?

Max (the founder) started Eco Companion as he saw the attack that the natural world was coming under. The more you look into it, the scarier the statistics are on the damage humanity has created on our planet. 

Max believes that the same capitalist forces that have caused so much harm can be used for good. Make a system where someone gets to go out and explore our beautiful natural world, gain all the benefits that it brings and at the same time, effortlessly, create a driving force in that capitalist system in the right direction.

You’ve guessed it – much like us, that bottle is designed be be your eco companion.