Lapland: Northern Lights and Moose

Jokkmokk, Sweden, Northern Europe, Europe

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"Seeing the best that Winter has to offer - snow, ice, reindeer and most of all the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights"

Discover the great frozen lakes, ancient boreal forests and towering mountains of northern Sweden, and witness nature's most dazzling light show: the incredible Aurora Borealis. In this stunning natural phenomenon, electrically charged particles from the sun collide with particles in gases in the earth's atmosphere. But you'll soon forget about the science behind it when you gaze upon these alluring lights in all their glory! The far north of Sweden has other visual riches to offer, from giant moose and reindeer to tales of life from the local Sami people.

The first day of the trip will see you head to Jokkmokk, taking in the majesty of northern Sweden from the air. Then you will venture out into the beautiful wilderness and have your first opportunity to take in the resplendent Lights. The next day you will try to spot giant moose and friendly reindeer. Then: a day of dog-sledding, and a chance to meet Anna, a local reindeer herder (and her reindeer of course!). Spend your final night camping in a Sami tent beneath the clear, sparkling skies, and if you have time, explore the gorgeous town of Luleå before heading home.

For over a decade, WildSweden has been giving travellers from all over the world the chance to observe some of Sweden’s most iconic wild animals in their natural environment. The company strives to offer genuine ecotourism experiences that both promote conservation efforts and support local economies; in a country where certain species are sometimes worth more dead than they are alive, and where human-wildlife conflicts are a big issue, WildSweden proves that nature tourism can add value to local communities, and that humans and wild animals can learn to live harmoniously.

The ‘return of the wolves’, for instance, is a hot topic in Sweden at the moment. The company’s guides work to track and monitor a number of wolf packs, with their findings and observations making an important contribution to the Scandinavian Wolf Project, which aims to ‘provide a factual basis for the optimum management of wolves’. There are many human-wildlife conflicts that need to be solved, and WildSweden aim to be a part of these solutions, and to also enrich their travelers’ understanding of and respect for wild animals and nature. In recognition of its work in the field of ecotourism, WildSweden has been approved by the Swedish quality label for ecotourism, ‘Nature’s Best’, since 2005, and was also named the country’s best ecotourism organiser in the 2009 Grand Travel Awards. What’s more, WildSweden was named ‘Tourism Company of the Year in Sweden’ in 2015!

Day 1
Arrival and Aurora Borealis

Fly over to Luleå, and be met at the airport by your guide.
You then have a two hour drive across the Arctic circle and into the heart of Swedish Lapland. Here you reach Jokkmokk, a small northern outpost town which will act as a base for your excursions. It's surrounding area boasts amazing landscapes, ranging from mountains and frozen lakes to ancient boreal forests and streaming rivers. Jokkmokk is also home to a large native Sámi community.

Arriving at your hotel, you will sit down for a proper introduction over a coffee in the restaurant.

Take some time to arrive at your own pace. In the afternoon you will have the chance to visit the Ájtte museum, to give you a good introduction to the Sámi culture as well as to the Arctic nature. Alternatively, explore Jokkmokk and some of the local handicraft shops on your own.

Dinner at the hotel, and then, if the skies are clear you will definitively fill your thermoses with hot drinks and venture to watch for Northern Lights.

Night at Jokkmokk guesthouse.

Day 2
Dog sledding & reindeer meeting

Today, you are doing one of the most thrilling activities in a snowy landscape: dog sledding! You will head out with good friends of the tour, Matti and Stina. They live in a small cabin by a lake with more than 50 huskies in their snowy garden. Greet the dogs and help out to prepare before you are ready to take off.

Seated on wooden sledges you will fly across the frozen landscape, hearing only the breathing of the huskies. You will stop somewhere for lunch and light a warming camp fire while the dogs get some well deserved rest and cool down in the snow. This sled trip takes about three hours including the lunch.

In the afternoon you will meet up with another local and friend of the tour, Anna, just outside Jokkmokk. Anna and her family are Sámi and reindeer herders. You are invited for an evening meal in her lávvu (traditional tent). With a native perspective, Anna has a lot to tell. Learn more about the Sami culture and the life as a reindeer herder at first hand. You will sit on skins on the floor and try some traditional Sami dishes that are prepared over the camp fire.

Northern Lights watching in the late evening if the skies are clear.

Night at Jokkmokk guesthouse.

Day 3
Moose & reindeer watching in the wild

On day three, you will drive through a nearby valley known to host some of Europe´s largest moose, as well as great numbers of reindeer. This provides the perfect opportunity to view and photograph these majestic animals with the snowy landscape as a backdrop.

You will stop for a picnic lunch somewhere along the shore of lake Saggat.

If the weather is fine, you will spend the whole afternoon out in the snowy valley before returning to Jokkmokk for a well deserved dinner and hot drinks.

This will be a long day, but there is always a chance to go out and watch for Northern lights. Fill up your thermos and bring some snacks to stay warm and happy.

Night at Jokkmokk guesthouse.

Day 4
Glamping under the Northern Lights

Today you will leave Jokkmokk behind and travel further North to visit Lennart. Lennart is Sami and host of a gorgeous glamping site!

Imagine yourself standing in deep snow under the Northen Lights and then heading to bed in a cozy warm tent. This camp was recently featured by National Geographic's list 21 places to stay if you care about the planet. You will see why for yourself.

Enjoy a traditional dinner by the fire place in a small wooden cabin. You will take turns to go outside and watch for the Northern lights that will hopefully be dancing in the sky above the camp. In either case, the illuminated tents will provide an ideal foreground for night sky photography.

You will then sleep comfortably in one of the tents. The tents have proper beds and a heater, so it will be almost like staying at a hotel. You will be surprised how comfortable a tent can be. Toilet? Don't worry, Lennart has set up some heated toilet booths near the tents.

Day 5
Skiing or hiking in Laponia Unesco World Heritage

Wake up in your tent and enjoy a late breakfast in the warm cabin.

Today, you will have the chance to explore the surrounding forests and the frozen lake on wooden cross country skis or snowshoes, as you prefer. Find animal tracks and experience different types of snow. You will also have the chance to try ice fishing.

These activities are optional. You can also walk on foot, or just hang out at the camp. You don't have to go anywhere, but if you choose to go for an excursion there will be a lot to see and amazing landscapes to photograph.

The camp is located in Laponia, a Unesco World Heritage Site. For visitors, this area is often perceived as a huge wilderness landscape. But to the Sámis this is a cultural landscape where their ancestors have herded reindeer and formed life throughout the centuries. You will see that this is Sápmi – the land of the Sámi people.

Lunch and dinner at the camp.

Day 6
Wake up in the wild, then departure

Enjoy another slow breakfast in the cabin before we saying your goodbyes to Lennart and beginning your journey back to modern civilisation.

Time has come to leave Sápmi and Lapland this time. You will have a transfer to Luleå for your afternoon train or flight.

Wanna stay some extra days? You can always book a few extra nights in Luleå. We can recommend a good place. Or we can drop you at the famous Tree Hotel in Harads which is along the way to Luleå.

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  • Experienced and passionate tour leader with trained eyes for spotting wildlife
  • All activities
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Full board with all meals included
  • Round-trip transportation from Luleå airport or train station


  • Flights
  • Winter clothing (can be rented at 500 SEK or approximately £40 for the entire trip)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Flights or trains to Luleå
  • Anything else not mentioned in inclusions - if in doubt, click 'Ask a Question' to speak to the operator directly!

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Jokkmokk, Sweden
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